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The Wonderer: Andrew Tisser, DO

Updated: Feb 6

Andrew Tisser, DO specializes in emergency medicine and is the host of the Talk2MeDoc Podcast. The podcast and Dr. Tisser’s work as a career strategist focus on the unique issues pertaining to the early-mid career physician. He works tirelessly with his clients to accelerate their goals to completion.

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Andrew earned his medical degree at the New York Institute of Technology, College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then completed his residency at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY.

Andrew has been featured in NBC, NPR, and MTV News as well as multiple podcasts. He was most recently named as one of the “50 Best Doctors to Follow on Instagram in 2020” and Top 21 Medical Podcasts. Dr. Tisser lives in Western NY with his wife Alysia, daughter Marlowe, and dog Lillie.

Connect with Dr. Tisser:

Dr. Tisser’s Website The Talk2MeDoc Podcast Dr. Tisser’s LinkedIn Dr. Tisser’s Twitter

Dr. Tisser Prescription for Success:

Number 1: You should not just let your career happen to you, you should design it.

Number 2: Relationships are everything.

Number 3: You are never too young to be unhappy, unsatisfied, or burnt out.

Number 4: Learn your values

Number 5: This is a Job. It’s not part of your identity.

Notable quotes from Dr. Tisser’s interview:

I tried everything in regards to a clinical setting, and wasn’t too happy.
I offset the boredom I feel in day-to-day medicine with all the other things, and it brings a lot more enjoyment to the clinical work.
I would like to keep my toe dipped in clinical medicine
I think to be an effective physician administrator, you have to see some patients, and be back there with the troops, so to speak.

Access the Show Transcript Here

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