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The Matchmaker: Chrystene Nguyen, MD, MPH, DipABLM

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Chrystene Nguyen is a double board-certified physician in Southern California who practices Family and Lifestyle Medicine. She believes that a major part of optimal health includes having supportive relationships and positive community and social connections.


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Dr. Chrystene Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is the founder of White Coat Romance, a dating app for healthcare professionals and students in the USA/Canada with its unique licensing verification process and community engagement feature. She is the Co-Host of the “Love, Scrubs & Stories” Podcast with Dr. Colin Zhu, where guests join them to chat about dating and relationship topics from the perspective of healthcare professionals.

She has recently expanded into another exciting venture with White Coat Mingle, with in-person social networking events for like-minded professionals with Master’s and Doctorate degrees across all industries. In her leisure time, Dr. Nguyen enjoys practicing the aerial arts and can’t get enough of anything matcha.

Dr. Nguyen’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Be passionate about your purpose.

Number 2: Understand your community.

Number 3: Don’t fear the first step, because that gets in the way of so many things.

Connect with Dr. Nguyen:

Dr. Nguyen on LinkedIn

Dr. Nguyen on Facebook

White Coat Romance on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or on the web at

Notable quotes from Dr. Nguyen’s interview:

I think people were craving in-person connections, human connections.
It's been very exciting to see all these different matches, whether it’s through the dating app, or actually even the Facebook group as well.
Sometimes it feels like they think we’re robots, you know? But like everybody else, we have needs, we have emotions, we have desires, we have wants. And at the end of the day, what we all want, like everybody else, is we want that person in our life, a person to do life with, ultimately.
It was a really amazing space where we could come together, provide support, [create] a lot of amazing friendships.

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