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The Imagineer: Chuck Rinker, CEO

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Chuck Rinker is the founder of PRSONAS, one of the earliest digital human and AI Avatars companies, where he currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. As an innovative tech leader, Chuck is deeply committed to transforming businesses through cutting-edge technologies.


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Chuck Rinker, CEO of PRSONAS

Beyond his accomplishments in the tech industry, Chuck is a late-stage colon cancer survivor, which has instilled in him an unwavering determination to make a meaningful impact in everything he does. Alongside his tech pursuits, he is also an experienced aviation pilot, finding solace and inspiration in the skies.


With a diverse background that includes serving as the Director of the Madden NFL and NCAA Football Franchises for EA Sports, Chuck has had the incredible opportunity to shape immersive and groundbreaking customer experiences. This unique journey has honed his skills in human engagement, customer success, and strategic planning, solidifying his dedication to delivering top-notch solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Throughout his career, Chuck has been privileged to collaborate with esteemed clients, including Fortune 100 International Brands such as Disney, Wrangler, and Microsoft. These experiences have not only enriched his understanding of diverse market needs but also empowered him to push boundaries, devise innovative strategies, and create impactful campaigns that resonate globally. His approach revolves around the belief that true success lies in forging meaningful connections, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and fostering collaboration to bridge the gap between creativity and tangible results.


As an avid explorer of the ever-evolving technology landscape, Chuck's unwavering curiosity keeps him at the forefront of industry innovation. Always anticipating and meeting the changing demands of businesses in the digital age, he firmly believes that the best ideas are often found outside the confines of four walls. Beyond his work, Chuck finds creative inspiration in the great outdoors and the freedom of flight, fueling his spirit through adventurous exploration.

Mr. Rinker’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Embrace change.

Number 2: Pay Attention.

Number 3: As Walt Disney said, 'Winning and Losing is basically just not giving up.'

Connect with Mr. Rinker:

Notable quotes from Mr. Rinker’s interview:

This is real stuff that says, okay, instead of trying to tackle those big problems that require human capital, let's focus on the stuff that just relieves the burden of the repetitive and mundane in an empathetic, approachable, trusting way.
All these things aren't as black magic as people make AI out to be. It's at the end of the day, there's still algorithms, but I appreciate the sentiment and the recognition of that because our goal really is what can we do to improve the quality of patient lives?
If the ideal is good and has merit, it's not about, oh, I need an ROI today. It's about, well, look 10 years down the road, look five years down the road, look 20 years down the road, and what's going to make this a game-changer for the world.
winning and losing is basically just not giving up. Keep tweaking it, change it, tweak it, do what you can because you know the solution is there. And eventually, you'll get the right formula.

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