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Individual Coaching

Grow as You Go

Experience 1 on 1 physician coaching by a certified coach. You may need to explore your needs and options or feel overwhelmed by something and need support to determine next steps. Or perhaps you've identified bigger issues you need 1-2 sessions to worth through. Grow as you Go with this ala cart plan and experience physician coaching the way you want. You can customize the length of your plan to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

Engage and Enact

Are you dealing with some type of dilemma and need assistance to work through the issue(s)? Perhaps you've experienced a series of poor evaluations and want to improve your next round. Maybe you're in a new role and feel ill prepared to succeed. Or you are uncomfortable in your current work status but don't necessarily want to leave. This plan invites you to participate in two sessions a month for three months

Invest and Inspire

Are you desiring leadership development? Are you preparing to take on a new leadership role? Or perhaps you're in a leadership role and want to improve your skills and approach. There are no wrong answers, just the need to arrive with an open and curious mind. Build your competencies with this plan and experience the transformation six months of coaching (two sessions per month) can bring into your life. 

Spotlight on Students

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Sometimes it is helpful to speak with a coach. What better coach who can listen and understand you than a physician coach? Medical school and residency are full of adventures and conundrums. Whether you are seeking objective perspective on your medical future, or you're hoping to put your best foot forward for residency interviews, student coaching at a discount rate is available. 

Curbside Coaching

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Sometimes you just need a quick consult, right? Curbside coaching is an opportunity for a brief check-in with a physician coach to workshop a specific issue or to gain objective insight.

Choose Your Plan - Book Your Coach

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