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The Racket: How Our Healthcare System is Cheating Us.

Dr. Marion Mass rejoins the podcast this week, to give us an update on the situation impacting all Americans – The cost of healthcare, and how Insurance companies, along with their Pharmacy Benefit Manager organizations are not incentivized to provide the best care…only the best profits.

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Dr. Marion Mass

Dr. Marion Mass is a pediatrician who has practiced in suburban Philadelphia for 21 years. She is a founding member and Co-Chair of Practicing Physicians of America, an organization dedicated to protecting the physician’s ability to serve their patients and to confront unnecessary and overbearing regulations that limit their ability to advocate for those patients. Dr. Mass is also a writer with works being published in The Wall Street Journal The Hill and The Washington Times in addition to advising policy shapers at the state and national level. She serves on the editorial board of her county newspaper, on the board of The Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership, and as a delegate to the Pennsylvania Medical society.  She guest blogs on various sites regarding teaching organic gardening to children. 

Dr. Mass received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Pennsylvania State University and her M.D. from Duke University in North Carolina. She completed residency at Northwestern University Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.

Connect with Dr. Mass

Notable quotes from Dr. Mass’s interview:

We are spending more, and we are getting less all the time.
There’s fewer physicians that are employed who are willing to speak up about the system for risk of losing their job.
I woke up, and I was like “What happened to medicine?”
We’ve reached a point where physicians are spending 1/3 of their time with patient care, and 2/3 of their time with everything else.
85% of hospitals are ignoring the executive orders of two presidential administrations, and are not being transparent about their pricing.
You can’t fix the price of insulin or most drugs without reform of these Pharmacy Benefit managers.

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