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The Mediator: Deb Roman, DO

Updated: Feb 6

Deb Roman is a Board Certified Family Physician. She offers integrative medicine consultations and hands-on osteopathic medicine to individuals of all ages. She integrates advanced training in nutrition, mindful practice and meditation, biodynamic osteopathy, yoga and integrative medicine into her work. She is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine.

She is the founder of Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work – a consulting and educational program with a focus on the well-being of physicians and medical school students. She teaches workshops, organizes retreat-like conferences, shares presentations, provides consultations to individuals and organizations and facilitates discussion groups. Dr. Roman is a Meaningful Work Peer Consultant, offering consultations to physicians and other healthcare professionals who would like to work individually with a peer to explore ways to ease stress, cultivate well-being and practice medicine in a way that is meaningful.

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Dr. Roman has organized the Idaho Physician Well-Being Action Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare professionals, to actively address system-level healthcare issues that negatively impact the well-being of physicians and patient care. Dr. Roman founded Compassionate Communities, an inter-generational community healthcare movement, to promote cooperative responsibility for the health of our communities, advance health equity and inspire compassionate action.

She serves as facilitator for the Compassionate Connections Community Healthcare Forum, a Compassionate Communities initiative. These forums are opportunities for community members to come together informally to explore issues that impact the health of our communities, strengthen relationships and identify opportunities to enhance understanding, collaboration and community well-being.

Dr. Roman also facilitates The Art of Medicine medical school student discussion group and the Navigating A Pandemic Together discussion groups for physicians. She co-facilitates a Mindfulness and Meditation group for clinicians and their families, sharing meditations and current research on mindfulness and meditation.

She is actively involved in physician well-being initiatives at local, state and national levels and was a founding member of the team that developed The Physician Vitality Initiative in Idaho, a progressive, comprehensive program that offers a confidential counseling service as well as a myriad of resources to physicians and other clinicians.

She contributes presentations to medical conferences nationwide, exploring cutting-edge ways to enhance clinician health and well-being, achieve personal and professional fulfillment and cultivate compassion in healthcare. Dr. Roman also writes articles about evolving concepts in healthcare. Please visit for more information about her services.

Deb Roman’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Take a look at what if your definition of success.

Number 2: Stay true to your values.

Number 3: Do what you feel is important in the world to help others, to decrease the suffering.

Number 4: Make relationships always be the centerpiece of everything you are doing.

Number 5: There is great value in learning to share with others what we are feeling as well. To be open about our vulnerabilities, to be open about the things that concern us or upset us. Allow the community of people you feel comfortable with to help you move through difficult circumstances.

Connect with Deb:

Notable quotes from Deb’s interview:

It’s a different conversation when you are talking about how do you enhance health as opposed to how do you stop disease.
The thing about medicine is that it’s bidirectional. The doctors are healed too, by the privilege of working with people and their families for all those years.
I probably would not classify me as traditional, in almost anything I do.
People said “Well, what if you fail?” and I thought It’s well, it’s not that you are going to fail, it’s just that you will have to figure out a different path.
When you bring people together, and we are all inspired by something that we think is important and meaningful, we figure out how to get each other through it.
The research was showing that the primary reasons for physician burnout and distress were system-level issues, that we really needed to address as a community.
Personally I don’t feel that the way the system is running right now is consistent with good healthcare.
Personally I don’t feel that the way the system is running right now is consistent with good healthcare.

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