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The Wounded Healer: Omar Reda, MD

Updated: Feb 5

Omar Reda is a board-certified psychiatrist, a Harvard-trained trauma expert, an author, and a family advocate, but most importantly a dreamer and strong believer in the potential of finding beauty in all human encounters.

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When working with traumatized individuals, families, and communities, caregivers are not only prone to vicarious trauma listening to the stories of others, but many tend to neglect their needs and boundaries, risking compassion fatigue and burnout.

The act of caregiving is physically exhausting and emotionally draining, yet caregivers describe it as rewarding and gratifying. Prolonged exposure to human suffering, however, is not without risks, caregivers report high rates of burnout and poor quality of life, hence the importance of selfcare and tending to the soul.

Many care providers believe that their feelings do not matter, and that they should ignore their pain, brush off their trauma, wipe away their tears, and just “suck it up” and keep going. The Wounded Healer calls upon healers to break free from cycles of secrecy, toxic stress, and silent suffering so they can continue to empower and inspire those they care for.

Dr. Reda’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Be brave enough to confront your trauma and toxic stress in your life.

Number 2: Yes, take care of others. But don’t forget your own needs.

Number 3: Don’t close the American Dream by chasing it. Don’t focus only on the materialistic elements.

Connect with Dr. Reda

Notable quotes from Dr. Reda’s interview:

I’d rather try to understand where the other person’s coming from. Educate and make a connection – build a bridge.
When I created the space in my heart for her suffering we ended up having a nice conversation.
Their trauma story will break their family unit so that’s why untangled focuses heavily on healing and a family context.
I really don’t respond to hate through hate or violence I’d rather try to understand where the other person’s coming from.
I can no longer bear false witness to their suffering and I wanted to become their voice so I wrote The Wounded Healer.
I would be extremely successful if I lose my job because there is no more trauma in the world and my services are no longer needed.

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