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The Walker: David Sabgir, MD, FACC

Updated: Feb 6

Frustrated with his inability to change behavior within the walls of his clinic, Dr. David Sabgir invited his patients to join him on a Saturday morning for a walk in the park. Remarkably, more than 100 showed-up! This tremendous response inspired Walk With A Doc, a grassroots effort that encourages patients to move! As the Founder and CEO, Dr. Sabgir leads a small team of “Walk Warriors” in outreach efforts that has expanded to over 500 chapters around the world and continues to grow. And every Saturday morning, he leads a local WWAD chapter.

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Dr. Sabgir is a board-certified cardiologist for the Mount Carmel Health System. He is also a Diplomat of the Board of Nuclear Cardiology and maintains a board-certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine. He completed his undergraduate work in zoology before moving to the Medical College of Ohio for medical school. He served his internship, residency, and fellowship at The Ohio State University Medical Center. A wellness thought-leader, David speaks extensively on his WWAD initiative and the observations gleaned from data generated by its success.

Dr. Sabgir’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: There’s no script. Trust your gut, make a decision, and move forward. If you make a wrong decision, shift direction.

Number 2: Not everyone shares your dream. They’re not going to have the same passion as you. So, look for those who share your passion, but don’t get down on yourself when you don’t get the response that you’re expecting.

Number 3: [ on entrepreneurship ] When you have an idea for something new and unique, like a social movement like “Walk With A Doc,” just go for it and don’t worry. Others may think you’re crazy and there will be a lot of times where you feel you’re not doing things right, but as your idea–your movement–grows, so will your confidence.

Number 4: Read about the countless people who came before us with brilliant ideas. We can draw so much from their experiences. By understanding how they brought their experiences to light and applying their wisdom, our ideas will soar even higher.

Number 5: Be persistent in driving forward to reach your goal. Be patient with those who want to keep up, but can’t. Have faith in your ultimate achievement.

Connect with Dr. Sabgir:

Phone: (614) 714-0407

Notable quotes from Dr. Sabgir’s interview:

Before I was 10 years old, I really respected doctors. I wanted to help people feel better and I saw that doctors were taking care of people when they are at their most vulnerable.
I was in private practice for over a year at this point and my dream would be to practice for thirty to thirty-five years. I did not want to be having these conversations that were essentially charades, and not going anywhere. So, out of frustration, I asked the patient if they would join me at the park, if my family and I were there, and walk with us. That’s how this got started.
I was in my first year and my wife was a second-year law student. We had graduated from Miami together. She was smarter than I, so she went straight to graduate school; I had to take a year. I had no other responsibilities and I would just study every waking minute. That imbalance was not healthy for me.
We’re realizing that although it may be the doc that gets the participant out to the park, it’s Billy talking to Michael when he’s at the walk–that social connection–that keeps people coming back.
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