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The Thought Leader: Jonathan Baktari, MD, FCCP

Updated: Feb 5

When Jonathan Baktari, M.D., was arguably at the peak of his medical career as a triple board-certified physician, he saw an opportunity to try something new. Taking everything he’d learned as a doctor, medical director, and educator, he launched two businesses—a vaccine clinic and a drug-testing enterprise—that are driven by technology and designed for fast, customer-centric service. Now, as those businesses grow, he’s continuing to write his second career chapter as a health care CEO.

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Dr. Baktari’s company e7 Health was named the best technology company in the healthcare space in 2019. e7 Health could best be described as “the Uber of preventive medicine” in that it is a systems company that has invested heavily in developing their own electronic cloud-based software to leverage technology for the benefit of their operation, patients, and clients. In addition to vaccines, antibody testing, and many other medical services essential to employers around the country, e7 is now providing at home COVID-19 tests for individuals and companies all over the US. Dr. Baktari has always believed that helping others was the ultimate achievement in life. Now, as a business leader and sought-after speaker, he’s excited to share his expertise in tech entrepreneurship, COVID-19, preventative health, and many other topics with you.

Dr. Baktari’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Try to focus on what is going to help others.

Number 2: Provide great family care.

Connect with Dr. Baktari

Email: Website: LinkedIn: jonathan-baktarimd Notable quotes from Dr. Baktari’s interview:

I was always just tell me the facts – even as a child.
I think initially I wanted medicine to be subjective and not objective.
Try to focus on what is going to help others.
When you practice great medicine… at the end of the day that’s the best practice for everybody.

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