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The Teacher: Brent Lacey, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Dr. Brent Lacey is a gastroenterologist who is passionate about helping physicians succeed with business and personal finances. As a physician, he understands how overwhelming it can be to step out of clinical training and into a career, and he has seen firsthand the lack of education on how to run a practice and manage finances. He has coached hundreds of families to succeed in eliminating debt and has spoken to physician groups around the country on topics related to business and personal finance. That’s also why he founded The Scope of Practice website. His goal is to help physicians learn how to manage their businesses successfully and master their personal finances.

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Listeners to our show are invited to download Dr. Lacey’s free e-book 5 Critical Tools for Physician Leaders. This free guide will give you the five critical tools all physician leaders need to grow their company, develop a robust team culture, and give you and your staff the careers you deserve! Download it today, implement these suggestions, and watch your company transform!

Brent Lacey’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: You need to read a lot. If you are going to be a leader, you got to be a reader.

Number 2: You need to grow. and if you are going to grow, you need to change.

Number 3: Success is built on a pile of failures.

Connect with Brent:

Notable quotes from Brent’s interview:

If you want to be a physician, you need to do it because it’s what you want to do.
I really felt like God was calling me to medicine.
Once you have a call on your life that’s that strong, There’s no question of ‘If’, it’s just a question of how.
Physicians that were coming out of training were really not equipped to run a clinical practice – How to run a team, how to hire and fire, how to create culture, how to cast vision, how to think strategically. These are just not things that are taught in med school.
We are never in a position where it’s ok for us just to stop learning and growing.
We are never in a position where it’s ok for us just to stop learning and growing.
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