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The Product Manager: Anthony Macasaet, MD, FACEP

Updated: Feb 6

Dr. Tony Macasaet is a board certified and residency trained practicing Emergency Physician. He is the ED medical Director at Vernon Memorial Healthcare and Viroqua, Wisconsin. After Receiving his MD from the University of Wisconsin, graduating with AOA Distinction, he trained at the University of Chicago, serving as air medical chief resident in his final year. He served as assistant professor and vice chairman at Mount Sinai Chicago for before returning to his hometown of Viroqua in 2006, where he has been ever since.

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Dr. Macasaet co-founded the Viroqua Public Market, a thriving indoor marketplace. He also co-founded Regenven, a small company building tiny timber homes from regenerative forests, partnering with regenerative farms. He recently co-developed the National Transfer Registry mobile app to help with critical transfer situations during the pandemic. Dr. Macasaet it is a published photographer and author. He lives in a forest cabin setting complete with a small herd of goats and loves helping raise his 11-year-old son.

Dr. Macasaet’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: When adversity can lead to something positive, allow it.

Number 2: Favor your inner brave, and serve without the expectation of compensation.

Number 3: Develop a means to compassionately communicate with people.

Connect with Dr. Macasaet

Website for the National Transfer Registry app: Website for Regenerative Adventures: Website for the Viroqua Public Market: Dr. Macasaet on Twitter: @docmacastat

Items mentioned or referenced by Dr. Macasaet

Notable quotes from Dr. Macasaet’s interview:

It’s not about the short-term sprint, but the life-long pursuit of the Dopa-Oxy-Tocin thing.
In the best case scenario, I have to sit up at night, and get up in the morning, and think about this stupid case. That allowed me to see the true reality of Chicago.
Like everything, either we see adversity as something that is going to leave us damaged, or, adversity has something that is inevitable, and often results in more positive than negative.
Use Social Media for something good, which is how do we share all these hacks, and work-arounds, and workflows. It’s been an adventure.
To be so appreciated for being there. Not occasionally, but almost always was such a feeling for an urban emergency doc.

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