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The Organizer: Kimberly Jackson, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Dr. Kimberly Funches Jackson is the founder of Physicians Working Together and pioneer of National Physicians Week. Throughout her career as a board-certified physician, “Dr. J.” has dedicated her life to the care of others. She’s the medical director and co-owner of her Family Medicine & Pediatrics clinic and has provided medical care to adults and children for over a decade. Her commitment to the well-being of the community extends beyond her practice. Dr. J is a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority maintains the social responsibility of Dr. J is an active member in her church and she’s also an active board member for several community-based organizations.

Physicians Working Together started in June of 2015 as a Facebook group. PWT has over 8700 members who are comprised of male and female physicians and medical students from 50 states, Caribbean islands and even other countries. Today PWT’s mission includes a three-prong approach of Physician Advocacy, Patient Connection, and Community Outreach and Education.

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Kimberly Jackson’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Be kind to yourself, and be kind to others. Make sure you are humble, and realize you can learn from others, and you are not your mistakes. Make sure you take time for yourself and your family. That’s one of the ways to be kind to yourself.

Number 2: Enjoy your life – not just the big things like a huge party, or something you thought was so memorable, but it can be something as simple as being in the right park, or getting a smile from your child, or being able to make a stranger smile. Be thankful that you are alive and around.

Number 3: You need to know what your philosophy is, and what is success to you. Is success financial success? Is it spiritual success? is it health? is it happiness? Is it peace? and for me it’s all of those.

Number 4: Don’t be afraid to start over.

Number 5: Have some stress relievers.

Number 6: Surround yourself with positive people because you are the average of the five people you keep around you. So, you want to make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people that can help you do even greater.

Connect with Kimberly

LinkedIn: Dr. Kimberly Jackson Instagram: PhysiciansWorkingTogether Facebook: PWT

Notable quotes from Kimberly’s interview:

We just engage with the community, the public, our legislators, other doctors – the main thing is letting doctors know they are not alone and we want them to be heard.
What we were telling them, that with the AMA, some of it was our membership – our group efforts were being taken for granted, and we felt like some of the issues of physicians on the ground weren’t being heard, and we felt that it needed to be a better representation of physicians to the public, and we needed to be able to say to them “Hey, we are human too.”
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