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The Officer: Michael McClam, MD

Updated: Feb 4

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Michael McClam, MD is currently the Medical Director for the youth division at The Menninger Clinic and an Assistant Professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine. Prior to that, he worked in various administrative and clinical roles at the clinic to include Director of Admissions, Associate Chief of Inpatient Services, the Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service, the Hope unit, and the Professionals in Crisis Unit. He also had a previous assignment to the Michael E DeBakey VAMC where he was the psychiatric consultant to the emergency department. Dr. McClam served as a line officer and physician in the Navy, both active duty and reserve, and was assigned to a submarine early in his career (USS ATLANTA SSN 712) and later, as a psychiatrist, to military treatment facilities and reserve component medical units, where he served in various clinical and administrative capacities and retired after 30 years of service. He was deployed to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His clinical interests are psychotherapy and treatment of professionals both civilian and military.


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Mike McClam, The Menninger Clinic, Houston, Texas

Dr. McClam’s Prescription for Success: Number 1: Make every decision a good decision.

Number 2: Learn to manage disappointment.

Number 3: Lead from wherever you are, regardless of your title.

Connect with Dr. McClam

Dr. McClam on email

Notable quotes from Dr. McClam’s interview:

You don’t necessarily have to be in a named leadership position to be a leader. People can recognize leadership from any position that you take, even if you’re doing individual work.
How can you make a difference even in the position that you have? Success is really the endpoint. It’s like what you’re looking for--it’s a chance for you to say, well, what can I do given that I’ve accepted this, whatever has happened to me or what’s happened in my situation, that I can make it better for myself?

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