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The Navy Doctor: Amy Reese, MD, FACP

Updated: Feb 3

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Amy Reese is a native Ohioan and veteran of the United States Navy. Following medical school at Northeastern Ohio Medical University, she completed her residency and fellowship in military training hospitals and was honored to serve in medical units in Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom and in Kandahar, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.


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After moving back to Ohio, Amy served in the Navy Reserve until 2018. Her experience watching her mother battle cancer inspired her to not only treat disease, but to provide compassionate care for the whole patient and family in their cancer journey. Amy’s mission is to deliver expert care as close to home as possible, which is why she is proud to serve the central northern Ohio communities. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, running races, and camping with her family.

Dr. Reese’s Prescription for Success: Number 1: Challenge yourself.

Number 2: Accept support and be supportive in return.

Number 3: Count your Blessings.

Connect with Dr. Reese

Firelands Regional Medical Center: Dr. Amy Reese Magruder Hospital: Dr. Amy Reese

Notable quotes from Dr. Reese’s interview:

Oncology and Trauma Care – a lot of it is just not overreacting.
What needs to be done? Get the job done. Accomplish the mission.
I like the small town medicine fact of: you know everybody you work with. We have a fabulous team.
I’ve always felt really supported by the group I’m working with.

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