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The Moderator: Dana Corriel, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Dana Corriel, MD, is a board certified internist (with 14 years in practice), digital healthcare expert, and founder of SoMeDocs, or, an online platform with digital resources for empowering physicians and a public space where the public can find health experts to follow. Having personally experienced growth through her own online endeavors, Corriel now helps physician build thought leadership, through facilitating impactful online connections, providing services that help doctors stand out, and using clever marketing content. SoMeDocs has served as the spark for physician innovators, many of whom successfully occupy top healthcare positions, appear in influential outlets, and accomplish feats doctors never thought possible.

Corriel has earned various recognitions, including Top Ten Internists to Follow on Twitter by Medical Economics and Top 20 Social Media Physician Influencers by Medscape. She has appeared in major outlets including LA Times, Gastro & Endo News, MDMagazine, The Boston Globe, Huff Post, Medscape, and EP News. Serving as guest faculty at conferences (including yearly at the Harvard’s Healthcare Writers’ Conference) has been especially meaningful for Corriel, who values opportunities to pass on her skills through large projects like these. She led her own successful Writer’s Summit in Feb 2021, and plans to help fuel many more impactful events in her future.

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Dana Corriel’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Don’t be afraid to tap into your skills.

Number 2: Listen to your Gut.

Number 3: Focus on those who love you, and love them hard. Allow them to refuel you when you hit low.

Number 4: Take a step back on your life plans regularly. There’s nothing wrong with reassessment, and frequently. and there’s also nothing wrong with adjustment.

Number 5: Push past your comfort zone if you want life adventure.

Number 6: Keep an open mind. Accept others, and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Connect with Dana:

Notable quotes from Dana’s interview:

They took advantage of our altruism and our kindness, and I’m sick and tired of it.
The interesting part of my life is that I don’t really even think that I understood what I was hungry to create and what I was capable of doing until the last few years.
Having a bumpy childhood makes me someone who looks at the glass half-full because I almost had to.
One of the negatives of social media is that you just don’t see the full picture of someone when they say something and everyone sometimes piles on
I’ve grown into someone who’s learned to stand up for myself and what I deserve.
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