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The Maven: Jill Einstein, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Dr. Jill Einstein is the Director of Physician Engagement of MAVEN Project, the telehealth nonprofit that supports primary care providers in safety net clinics across the U.S. by connecting them with physician volunteers who provide medical consults, medical education and mentoring via their telehealth platform.

She is a graduate of Stanford University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. She completed her internal medicine residency at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco where she ran her internal medicine practice until shifting her focus to projects that draw on her medical background, while leveraging her organizational and community building skills.

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Jill is the immediate past president of the Mount Zion Health Fund in San Francisco, which makes grants in patient care and research to projects at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Mount Zion campus. After serving on the board for nine years, she currently co-chairs their Strategic Planning Task Force. In 2011, she organized the “Celebrating 100 Years at Mount Zion” event, which included a UCSF community health fair.

Dr. Einstein’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Learn the art of listening. Start with your friends and family. Expand to listening to your colleagues and patients.

Number 2: Seek mentors throughout your life, and be a mentor.

Number 3: Create communities. Be a part of, or create communities in your life.

Connect with Dr. Einstein:

The Maven Project On The Web Email Dr. Einstein at

Notable quotes from Dr. Einstein’s interview:

I think that there are many more people now who take a chance, take a risk in having different backgrounds – that atypical background – before attending medical school.
While I was having that first business experience this little seed inside me was growing, and one day I had an epiphany that I did indeed want to become a doctor.
I loved learning from my patients. I loved learning from the nurses, and the rest of the staff at the hospital.
I loved taking care of my patients. It was really an honor and a privilege to do so, but I had additional interests and skills I wanted to pursue.
Even if you don’t have a former mentoring relationship, consider creating your own informal advisory council.
Be curious. You can learn so much from others and apply it to your own life. Be an active listener by asking the right questions and engaging in the conversation. It shows you care.

Access the Show Transcript Here

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