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The Guide: Anita Bangale, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Dr. Anita Bangale is an emergency physician serving The Woodlands and Houston communities. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas and graduated as valedictorian from Fort Worth Country Day. She then went on to study Psychology at Rice University and medicine at Saba University School of Medicine. Dr. Bangale moved to Washington, D.C. and completed her emergency medicine residency at George Washington University and served as Chief Resident in her final year. Dr. Bangale has served as a clinical instructor at George Washington University, teaching courses in emergency medicine scribing and ultrasound. She has also been a speaker for several international emergency medicine seminars and won the coveted first place in a national case presentation competition at the American College of Emergency Physicians conference. In 2021, Dr. Bangale had the honor of speaking at TEDx Breckenridge. In her talk, she showed how her curious toddler helped refocus her energy back to providing compassionate care in the setting of the pandemic, and how “de-armoring” to show up as our most unscripted human self helps us reconnect with each other and ourselves.

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Dr. Bangale has served on the frontlines for over 12 years. Locally, she has served as Medical Director of the Emergency Department at St. Luke’s Hospital at The Vintage and has emphasized department wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. She currently works as a physician and owner at America’s ER, where she creates true partnerships with her patients. In the ER, she focuses on effective communication as a leader and prioritizes working under pressure with compassion and empathy. Dr. Bangale is also a certified life coach and founder and creator of Diya Coaching. She aims to spread joy by improving mindset and believes in the magnificent, ignitable power of each person’s inner light.

Dr. Bangale’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Number 2: The bumps in the road, the challenges – don’t ever shy away from sharing those stories.

Number 3: Conversations – even just a small amount of talking, is actually one of the best prescriptions in life. Number 4: Release that sense of perfectionism. No one is perfect. Number 5: Never be afraid to just hop on a plane. Every flight leads to more adventure.

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Notable quotes from Dr. Bangale’s interview:

Things come full circle, and it’s only time that is the witness to that story.
Each piece of our story may not be what society expects it to be, but that’s ok, and we can embrace that.
It’s that external support from your attendings and your fellow residence that fuel you to think that you are able to do it.
You imagine yourself as the success you want to be.
Everyone in the workplace wants to feel validated.
If we can share each other’s light in the world, then we can avoid the darkness.

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