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The Explainer: Stephen Lieberman, MD

Updated: Feb 4

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Dr Lieberman obtained an undergraduate degree (B.A.) from Northwestern University in 1977. He went on to get his M.D. at Keck School of Medicine of USC. From there he went to Portland Oregon to do his Urology residency under Dr John M. Barry at Oregon Health and Science University.

From 1982 to 2014 he practiced at Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington, where he served at Chief of Urology for 27 years. He was an assistant affiliate clinical professor at O.H.S.U. where he helped train urology residents.


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Since retiring from active practice in 2014 he is currently very active in providing on-line consults for the M.A.V.E.N. project (, M.A.V.E.N stands for Medical Advice Volunteer Expert Network). From the MAVEN Project Website – “MAVEN Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to correcting social, racial, and economic inequities in the health care system through the power of telemedicine.

Our all-volunteer corps of specialist physicians averages decades of clinical experience at the highest levels and is united by determination to support frontline providers and broaden access to specialty care.” MAVEN currently provides this service to over 300 “free clinics” in the U.S. in over 20 states.

Dr Lieberman has authored 3 books: The first published in 2015 and updated in 2020 is Action Plan: Prostate Cancer, Choosing the right treatment for you. It was published in-house by Kaiser Permanente and can be found at

The two books recently published are A Curious Man’s Guide to Urology: Sex, Stones, Prostate Woes, and More! and A Curious Woman’s Guide to Urology: UTIs, Wet Pants, Stones, and More!”

The books are intended to provide any person seeking more information about a urologic ailment, whether it be something simple like a kidney cyst or something serious like a cancer of a urologic organ. Primary care clinicians may find the books helpful in treating and counseling patients with urologic conditions. Finally, the books may help any practicing urologist who doesn’t have nearly enough time to help patients make shared decisions. They were written with the intent of providing both patient and doctor a basis for having a robust shared decision making conversation about their health.

Dr. Lieberman’s Prescription for Success: Number 1: Be Curious.

Number 2: Be Honest.

Number 3: Be Kind.

Number 4: Be Passionate.

Number 5: Be Persistent, yet patient.

Connect with Dr. Lieberman

Notable quotes from Dr. Lieberman’s interview:

It was a real challenge taking care of these sick babies in the NICU.
It turns out that the association with enthusiastic house officers was really influential to my career.
[The house staff] are not just good teachers, but they are coaches.
I learned later on in life that there are real differences in coaching strategies.
I found that the same way that I coached my kids playing soccer applied to how you coach someone to become a good doctor.
He said “You can’t play golf everyday.” “Watch me.”

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