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The Essayist: Louis Profeta, MD (Encore)

Updated: Feb 4

Louis M. Profeta is a nationally recognized, award-winning writer and Emergency Physician at St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis. He is clinical instructor of Emergency Medicine at Indiana University and Marian University Schools of Medicine. A graduate of Indiana University and its School of Medicine, Dr. Profeta completed his post-graduate training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a dynamic and sought-after public speaker and writer as well as a frequent guest on TV and radio who has gained critical acclaim for his essays on topics such as his eye-opening look at our national preparedness for influenza pandemics in What Scares Me More than Ebola.

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Louis M. Profeta, MD

In 2015, 2016 and again in 2017 he was named LinkedIn Top Voice for readership in health care. In 2020 he was recognized by LinkedIn as one of the Top Voices In Health Care related to Covid-19. The Society of Professional Journalism honored his scathingly sarcastic but passionate essay, Your Kid and My Kid Aren’t Playing in the Pros, as one of the best articles on sports in 2014. In 2018 he was honored by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for his contributions to online media.

Dr. Profeta’s best-selling book, The Patient in Room Nine Says He’s God, continues to earn critical acclaim as a poignant and passionate look at society, God and life through the eyes of an ER doctor. His essay I Know You Love Me–Now Let Me Die has been read more than five million times on LinkedIn, the Huffington Post and NPR and has sparked a whole new debate on end-of-life care. His 2017 essays, When the Lion Kills Your Child , A Sunday Talk on Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Dying with the Frat Boys and I’ll Look at Your Facebook Profile Before I tell Your Mother You’re Dead, are three of the most read and shared articles ever on LinkedIn, exposing the disastrous consequences of the opiate epidemic, drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual assaults on college campuses. He is quickly becoming one of the most widely read opinion essayists in America.

Dr. Profeta and his wife Sheryl are parents of three grown sons. They currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana, with their Maltese dog Mimi (that he claims to hate but really loves).

Dr. Profeta’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Expand your sphere of influence.

Number 2: See beauty in the everyday.

Number 3: Every tragedy in your life hides a miracle.

Connect with Dr. Profeta

Website: LinkedIn: Louis M. Profeta, MD Dr. Profeta’s TED Talk: On YouTube Dr. Profeta’s book: The Patient in Room Nine says he’s God

Notable quotes from Dr. Profeta’s interview:

We highly overvalue compassion and empathy, and undervalue action.
Act when you see something that you can fix. Do it yourself. Get out there and be active.
I tell them: ‘Listen, I want you to have a dream one day, and that dream is that you are going to look down at your own kid, and you are going to realize at that moment what love is, and you are going to look back at this moment, of this discussion, and you are going to say ‘Oh my God, I get it.”
I’ll forget your face five minutes after I zip up that body bag, but I’ll remember the screams of your parents for the rest of my life.
The worst thing I have ever seen is the look on your mom and dad’s face when I tell them you’re dead.

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