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The Entrepreneur: Richard Sztramko, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Richard Sztramko practices Geriatric and Internal Medicine at St. Peter’s and Juravinski Hospitals in Hamilton, Ontario. He is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University. He is the co- founder of Arya EHR (Electronic Health Record) and Handover, a cutting-edge health tech company rapidly expanding throughout Canada in hospitals and outpatient clinics. He has served as the Chief Medical Officer of a publicly traded remote chronic disease management company called Reliq Health TSX: V (RHT), and currently consults for US-based Kerna Health.

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He received his Medical Degree from the University of Toronto and completed Internal Medicine and Geriatrics residencies at the UBC. He completed a Behavioral Neurology fellowship at University of California San Francisco and actively works with patients with neurodegenerative diseases. He co-founded an award winning online education platform called to help caregivers of patients with dementia improve caregiver self-efficacy, which has been funded by Centres for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), the Alzheimer’s Society, and Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. His passion is making solutions that are simple, intuitive, and cost-effective for health care providers, patients, and their families.

Richard Sztramko’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Be true to yourself, and in order to do that you really need to know and understand who you are.

Number 2: Set limits for yourself.

Number 3: Lead with kindness.

Connect with Rich:

Feel free to reach out to via the “Contact Us form on the Arya Website Email at Arya Health on LinkedIn

Notable quotes from Rich’s interview:

I want to be the person that can make a large difference with small changes in how you deal with people and how you command medical knowledge
When they are in such a dire set of circumstances and you can provide insight – or at least let them know what’s happening, and then come up with plans around both their medical conditions as well as social functions and needs, it can be a powerful experience.
What you do very well in the US is scaling things. Thinking about the biggest ideas, and raising tons of money, and leveraging academic institutions. To see the scale of the operations there was very impressive.
Things are changing quite rapidly with respect to innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, and it’s starting to get applied to digital health.
You’ve experienced that problem – Every physician has – in terms of the frustration and sometimes anger and resentment you’d have towards your EHR.
That process of continuously improving things and wanting to innovate while having the team to do it is a super exciting place to be.
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