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The Discerning Eye: Maz Ghani, MD

Updated: Feb 4

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Maz Ghani was born in 1969 and moved to the US in 1995 after living in Australia and Canada. A Radiologist by training, Maz gained an interest in botanical photography several years ago while exploring his wife’s colorful gardens. He uses a combination of photography and scanography to compose the botanical layouts and is inspired by nature’s diversity. His works have been published in Travel and Leisure Magazine, Black and White Magazine along with an article “Art from the Garden” in Berkshire Magazine. His photos have been included in the SLO Museum of Art Juried Exhibition, Proud+ 2021 Juried Exhibition, the iMotif Juried Exhibition and the Contemporary Online Art Gallery.


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Dr. Ghani’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Slow down a bit, take it all in, find a balance, and you will be happier.

Number 2: Step out of your comfort zone, and try something new.

Number 3: Be curious, ask questions.

Number 4: While medicine is to be your vocation, see to it that you also have an avocation.

Connect with Dr. Ghani:

Website: Instagram: @maz_ghani Email: Notable quotes from Dr. Ghani’s interview:

I was just at a loss – what would I do with my life? ” that’s what you think at age 22-23.
Radiology afforded you the opportunity to focus on everything.
Photography has become a good part of my life, and it balances out my clinical work.
My father taught me to always ask “What if?”
I wanted to stand out and create my own signature.
Photography is not a job, but it’s a joy.
I’m not the type to hide things or be secretive. I love to share.

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