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The Designer: Jessica Lubahn, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Jessica Lubahn, MD is a medical doctor, specializing in urology. She is a health writer and consultant. She is the founder of ONDRwear ( which are luxe leak proof underwear, whose mission is to destigmatize urinary, menstrual and any other leakage through the creation of products that are both highly effective and beautiful.

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Jessica Lubahn’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Don’t shy away or be afraid of failure.

Number 2: Take risks, and in doing so, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Number 3: Enjoy the process.

Connect with Jessica :

Notable quotes from Jessica’s Interview:

I definitely don’t think in my childhood I ever questioned whether or not I would be able to, or allowed to, it was always a question of whether I had it in me to go after it.
I do see that I could have done a lot of things and be just as happy.
I just felt that the stigma surrounding incontinence the shame part should be addressed from an individual standpoint, but also the societal standpoint as well. If we all just talked about it, it wouldn’t be as shameful.
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