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The Crusader: Cynthia Fisher, MBA

Updated: Feb 6

Cynthia A. Fisher is the Founder and Chairman of, a nonprofit advocacy organization representing American healthcare consumers – patients, employers, unions, and workers – seeking to greatly reduce the cost of healthcare and coverage through systemwide price transparency and creation of a functional, competitive marketplace in healthcare. Cynthia is a public company Director of The Boston Beer Company (SAM) and Easterly Government Properties, Inc. (DEA).


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Cynthia founded the pioneering cord blood stem cell banking company, ViaCord, Inc., in 1993 and served as CEO, offering the novel biomedical service with price, quality, and outcomes transparency. In 2000, Cynthia co-founded the cellular medicines company, ViaCell, Inc, of which ViaCord became a division. She served as President and on the Board of Directors. ViaCell went public, was acquired by PerkinElmer, and exists today under the ViaCord brand.

Cynthia co-founded and is Chairman of, providing schools and teachers curriculum for K-12 financial literacy. She is a Director of the National Park Foundation and formerly served on the Board of She is the former Speaker of the House of Representatives’ appointee to the federal Health Information Technology Advisory Committee.

Cynthia holds an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Science and BS in Biophysics from Ursinus College.

Cynthia Fisher’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Know thyself. And know that we are not limited by anything other than our own minds and imagination.

Number 2: Sometimes days are dark and bleak and hurdles seem insurmountable for all of us. In those moments, take time to pause and look to what restores your soul, and listen.

Number 3: Respect everyone’s time, by being well prepared and bringing others something of value.

Connect with Cynthia Fisher:

Notable quotes from Cynthia Fisher’s interview:

Tenacity pays off.
Can you imagine when open enrollment doesn’t just provide what plan you get, but it’s going to be what you get in it, what price, and where? This is going to be huge.
I think what makes the world go around is really relationships and people.
If you compliment yourself with a teammate or a partner, you can cover all 360 degrees of life.
Price discovery is the foundation that will also usher in quality transparency.
[Price transparency] is a non-partisan issue. This is what surveyed three times over, 90% percent of Americans agree that they want hospital, insurance company, and physician price transparency before they get care.
Obama, Trump, and Biden all agreed on delivering healthcare price transparency. You tell me, what other issue in this country has Obama, Trump, and Biden have agreed on?

Access the Show Transcript Here

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