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The CMO: Jay Shah, MD, FACC

Updated: Feb 3

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Dr. Jay Shah has 15+ years of medical expertise and leadership in healthcare delivery at city general hospitals, to community settings, to the Mayo Clinic. He has brought his experience and expertise to the Swiss startup Aktiia, to change the paradigm of how the world’s most common disease – hypertension – is understood and managed. Also an angel investor and advisor, he is passionate about applying technology to solve practical problems in medicine and believes strongly in the power of positive thinking and collaboration.


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Aktiia was founded in 2018 to commercialize its proprietary cuffless optical Blood Pressure Monitoring technology (oBPM™) in order to contribute to the prevention of high blood pressure, to save lives and to help reduce healthcare costs worldwide. aktiia is headquartered in Neuchatel (Switzerland) with offices opening up in Zurich (Switzerland) and the USA.

Dr. Shah’s Prescription for Success: Number 1: Take more risks.

Number 2: Work for yourself.

Number 3: Embrace uncertainty.

Connect with Dr. Williams

Aktiia Global – Website Dr. Jay Shah on LinkedIn

Notable quotes from Dr. Shah’s interview:

Embracing uncertainty and feeling comfortable in the unknown… that’s been a good spot to be in.
75% of US health care dollars are spent on the end effects of some chronic disease. 3% are spent on preventive management. The system is solving for exactly what it’s designed to solve for: disease-related care.
The process of innovation in health care is exceedingly difficult… go find the coalition of the willing and build it. The others will follow once they see how valuable it is.
Realize that compensation comes in many other forms other than money. Work for yourself and find value in what you do.

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