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The Biographer: Robert Wolf, MD

Updated: Feb 3

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Robert Wolf, M.D., grew up as the only child of Ervin and Judit Wolf. Their stories of their escape from communist Hungary, and his father’s tragic history of escaping the Nazis twice but having his own parents deported to Auschwitz, inspired Robert to document his parents’ tales and share those stories with Jewish groups and others throughout the United States. In “Not a Real Enemy,” Robert shares his family saga-and the forgotten history of the nearly half million Hungarian Jews who were deported and killed during the Holocaust-through an epic and inspiring tale of daring escapes, terrifying oppression, tragedy, and triumph.


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Dr. Wolf’s Prescription for Success: Number 1: Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged.

Number 2: Remember the patient. They are suffering more than you are.

Number 3: Don’t waste your time.

Number 4: Give back to society

Connect with Dr. Wolf

Notable quotes from Dr. Wolf’s interview:

It was wonderful. This was now heaven. I mean, I’m actually making a living. I’m doing it on my own.
Do something more than just medicine.
The important thing is to be a team player. I think that goes a long way.

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