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The Analyst: Saba Rizvi, MD, FAAEM

Updated: Feb 6

Dr. Saba Rizvi is a graduate of the University of South Alabama College of Medicine and did her residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. She has been a practicing Board Certified Emergency Physician for the past 11 years, holding licenses in both Colorado and Texas.

Dr. Rizvi has worked in a variety of practice settings, including Level 1 trauma centers to rural community hospitals in places like Delta, Colorado. She also served as an ER Medical Director for three years in Austin, Texas.

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Dr. Rizvi is keenly interested in the intersection of clinical Medicine, Healthcare policy and the Law. During her undergraduate training she was awarded dual diplomas, attaining both a Bachelors in Science and a Bachelors in Arts in Philosophy. In 2020 she decided to combine this interest by attending law school to earn her J.D.

She was accepted to prestigious Baylor University School of Law, where she is currently a first-year law student. In her spare time, Dr. Rizvi likes to write and advocate for physicians. Dr. Rizvi believes in autonomous practice rights for all physicians, free of conflicting interests of Hospital monopolies, insurers, and mostly Private Equity ownership. Dr. Rizvi is a member of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians. She lives in Texas and is married to her Gastroenterologist husband with whom has two wonderful children.

Saba Rizvi’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Always try to do what you are passionate about. And you are never too old to pursue your passions.

Number 2: If you see a problem in life, and you are experiencing something that just doesn’t make sense, try to find out more. Be your own investigative journalist, if you will.

Number 3: There’s nothing like having autonomy freedom and liberty. Try to be your own boss.

Connect with Saba:

Twitter: @sabarizvimd The American Academy of Emergency Medicine on Facebook Take Emergency Medicine Back Facebook Group

Notable quotes from Saba’s interview:

We are ordained and destined to be where we need to be at given point, and I certainly felt that way
I think we are – as individuals, as people – we are an amalgamation of all our different experiences, and this is really what makes us who we are.
When a hospital is kind of teetering on the edge of closure, everything gets scrutinized with a magnifying glass, including the intern’s notes, and everything that is documented.
I encourage anyone who’s a young physician to go out there and try to get a variety of experiences.
To a corporate entity each and every patient is not seen as a individual patient, it’s seen as a Dollar sign, and they don’t want those dollar signs to walk out the emergency room waiting area.
Should we care about shareholder profits in the healthcare industry? You can’t serve two masters: you can’t serve both your patients and shareholders
We really need to go back to the ethics of our profession, and really start to teach the oath of our profession.
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