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The Advisor: Tariq Collins

Updated: Feb 3

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Tariq Collins Sr. AKA (Dr. Black Wealth) is originally from Bronx, New York. He was raised in New York, with most of his life in Atlanta, GA. Tariq joined the United States Army after graduating from Stockbridge High School. He spent four years in the Army and Honorably Discharged in 2014 at Fort Carson.


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Tariq found his passion for finances and wanting to become a planner by attending a Networking class in Denver with Regis University. He met a recruiter of Northwestern Mutual and learned all he can about the business. He joined as an intern in the summer of 2017 and became full time in 2018. He is now an Investor & Business Owner of several companies. Tariq is a Financial and Tax Strategist that guides people in becoming financially secure with the proper education. His passion of Finance came from his struggle and upbringing in communities he was raised in, plus the lack of knowledge received while serving in the Army. Tariq’s mission is to serve his community by educating them in the world of finance and business to uplift us out of our present condition and help Americans Reclaim Wealth.

Mr. Collins’ Prescription for Success: Number 1: Follow your calling.

Number 2: Have good coaches along the way.

Number 3: Always be a student.

Number 4: Money has the value you place on it.

Number 5: Having the right mindset * Skillset, with the right toolset equals assets. And, income comes after assets.

Connect with Mr. Collins

Website: Eagle Financial Group Phone (or Text): +1 (719)755-0043 Email:

Notable quotes from Mr. Collins’ interview:

Always know what you are worth, and never settle.
I had a lot of passion and desire, and it was met with the reality of hard work.
Tariq Collins
To be successful, you have to take responsibility for your own actions.
My vision was to create a financial firm that wasn’t one-sided. I wanted a holistic firm.
I understood the need of planning.
Money is not a race barrier. It’s just a barrier. You either came into money, and know how to use it, or you don’t.
Money has the value that you place on it.

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