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The Advisor: Galen Nuttall, M.ed, CFP

Updated: Feb 6

Galen is a Financial Planner living in Belleville, Ontario. Before he settled down with his family in the Great White North, he lived in four countries over three continents. He managed to rack up three passports along the way, hence garnering the nickname “The Most interesting Financial Planner You’ll Meet.”

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Galen got his undergraduate degree from St. John’s College, his Master’s in Education from George Mason University and is a Certified Financial Planner. He gravitated towards financial planning for incorporated physicians after growing up and seeing his dad, a now-retired nephrologist turned professional Santa, struggle to get good holistic advice around his finances.

In Galen’s free time he loves exploring this region with his wife and two small children and participates in Olympic distance triathlons across Eastern Ontario when the rivers aren’t frozen.

Mr. Nuttall’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Read the books of Steven Pressfield, in particular The War on Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles and Do The Work.

Number 2: Work with a coach. Surround yourself with people who’ve been down the path.

Connect with Mr. Nuttall

Website: Podcast: A Clean Bill of Wealth Upcoming virtual and in-person conference: Contact Mr. Nuttall at his website and ask for discount code! Notable quotes from Mr. Nuttall’s interview:

When I became a financial advisor I thought if I can help people like my dad sleep better at night because they’re doing the right thing, and they know that they’re doing the right thing with their money then that’s going to impact their lives. That’s going to impact their families and eventually it’s going to it’s going to impact their practices.
I empathize with them because before I became an advisor, I couldn’t tell who was giving me good advice for bad advice.
You can’t necessarily trust everybody you see regardless of what credentials they may flash at you. It goes physicians as well as it does for financial advisors.
The reason I’m so big on coaching is because I and my wife have experienced the benefits of it. About five or six years ago I went, and undertook my first coaching experience which was going to a program that was really all about looking at what are those factors in my life that I’m not aware of.
It’s really looking at the whole physician. How can I support them and care for them in every arena of their life.
You can’t do brain surgery on yourself and I think that’s true of a lot of the problems we face in life.

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