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The Activist: Nicole Johnson, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Nicole M. Johnson MD was born and raised in Cleveland, OH where she currently resides with her husband, two daughters, and dog Neko. She received her undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University and her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Dr. Johnson is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Physicians and Surgeons in both General Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. She specializes in pediatric procedural sedation and earned her division national recognition as a center of excellence in the field.

Dr. Johnson is the President and Co-founder of PHYSICIANS FOR PATIENTS, a grassroots physician organization that champions physician-led care and fights against the unsupervised practice of medicine by non-physicians. She is passionate about lowering the cost of medical care for all Americans, making sure every American has access to their choice of affordable medical care, increasing the physician workforce, and ending mandatory Maintenance of Certification (MOC®).

Dr. Johnson is a contributing author of REDUCING COST AND WASTE IN AMERICAN MEDICINE: A Physician-Led Roadmap to Patient-Centered Medical Care. Many of the ideas proposed in this White Paper have reached the advisors to President Donald J. Trump and have shaped the America First Healthcare Plan. If she is not working or with family, you can find Dr. Johnson engaging on her very active social media feeds, writing news editorials, and maintaining, the website she designed for PHYSICIANS FOR PATIENTS.

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Nicole Johnson’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: It is impossible to be perfect, so don’t work on your weaknesses, work on your strengths.

Number 2: Always anticipate the worst case scenario. Do what you can to prevent it, but be prepared to manage it if it arrives.

Number 3: Talk to successful people. Learn their prescriptions for success. They all started where you started, and most people are very eager to tell their story, and want to help you succeed.

Connect with Nicole:

Notable quotes from Nicole’s Interview:

I think there was this expectation that you were supposed to be this perfect student and know everything. That was a period where I compared myself to other students a lot more, and that was tough.
I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, so I had to figure out how to get through it.
We need to stop whining as doctors. We really do. There are so many things that are wrong. Part of it is our fault, because we just let it go, and we let it happen, because we were busy taking care of patients, and we let other people begin to manage healthcare.
[Nurse practitioners] are a major asset to our medical team. But they are just not educated the way physicians are, and to be practicing the way physicians do is just unsafe for patients.
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