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Honoring National Physicians’ Week

Updated: Feb 4

This week we break from our normal format to have a discussion with doctors Kimberly Jackson and Marion Mass regarding the genesis of National Physicians’ Week.

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Kimberly Jackson, MD

Dr. Kimberly Funches Jackson is the founder of Physicians Working Together and pioneer of National Physicians Week. Throughout her career as a board-certified physician, “Dr. J.” has dedicated her life to the care of others. She’s the medical director and co-owner of her Family Medicine & Pediatrics clinic and has provided medical care to adults and children for over a decade. Her commitment to the well-being of the community extends beyond her practice. Dr. J is a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority maintains the social responsibility of Dr. J is an active member in her church and she’s also an active board member for several community-based organizations.

Dr. Marion Mass

Dr. Marion Mass is a practicing pediatrician who is also a physician advocate and healthcare activist. She is driven to take back medicine for patients and the medical profession. The COVID-19 pandemic threw a spotlight on dangerous deficiencies within the US healthcare industry. At the center of these deficiencies are Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), which are healthcare intermediaries that increase costs and create drug and supply shortages. Although GPOs and PBMs don’t produce or distribute a single product or provide direct care to a single patient, they control nearly 90% of the pharmaceutical supply chain. These middlemen amass huge profits because they enjoy government-mandated safe harbor protections at the expense of physician practice needs, sound medical decision-making, and patient choice.

Connect with the doctors:

Notable quotes from the interview:

Doc, you’re not alone. You know that you have persons that understand you, that get what you’re going through, that are there for you, and we can use our experiences together to make healthcare better. Dr. Jackson
we need just different ways to uplift physicians. Dr. Jackson
I feel as though I kind of woke up when my children were hitting the point where they could take care of their own their own needs, and I wondered what happened to medicine? Dr. Mass
I think that it was the confluence of me recognizing that medicine was in bad shape that we were being taken over and we didn’t even know why. Dr. Mass
I don’t think any of us would be surprised that it would be difficult to find a position anywhere that says. ‘Man, life is great and I just can’t imagine it being any better.’ Dr. Mass
So doc, you’re not alone. We hear you, we support you, and we got to work on this relationship with each other, so we can also be the best we can for our patients and our communities Dr. Jackson

Access the Show Transcript Here

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