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Hi, I'm Rhonda Crowe

Rhonda Crowe, BSN, MBA

Founder & CEO


When I was a little girl, about 7 years old, my teacher gave our class an assignment to fill in the blanks to the following sentences:

When I grow up I want to be a ____.  Some things I will do in my work are _____.

I remember my classmates and I having fun with the assignment.  Paper, crayons, and pencils became the tools with which we would use to declare our vocational missions. I don't remember anyone struggling with the assignment or grappling with "finding their life’s purpose.” 

As children do, we expressed truthfully and innocently what was in our hearts while finding joy as we did so. I proudly stated I wanted to be a nurse and knew my role would be to help doctors help other people. I punctuated the offering with a hand-drawn picture of what I would look like in the nurse's role, thus sowing a seed in my soul and plotting a course that would direct my steps, educational choices, and professional decisions into my adult years.

As I grew and pursued my learning through academic endeavors and life's lessons, I made good on that promise and became a Registered Nurse.  As wonderful and thorough as my nursing professors were, their preparation only provided me the opportunity to learn from the lessons awaiting me. You know, those real-life experiences my patients, colleagues and administrators offered.  

My experience as a nurse has afforded me the privilege to witness the heights and depths of the human condition.  I've laughed, I've cried, I've worried, I've sighed in frustration and relief, and a myriad of other emotions with patients, family members and healthcare providers alike.  The experiences have enriched my knowledge, my life and my soul; I am ever grateful for each one. I have fulfilled my mission to "help doctors help other people."

In this most recent phase of my journey, I have observed the many challenges my physician colleagues have experienced with the ever-changing healthcare landscape.  Physicians are relied upon to help develop and implement new methods of care delivery, increase quality of care, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce costs.  All while spending less time with patients (what they are interested in most), more time with electronic health records (what they are interested in least), and many times being left out of the goal-setting/problem- solving equation entirely. 

These concerns have led to diminishing physician engagement and a silencing of their voices while adding to the ever-growing physician shortage through early retirement, changing career paths and decreasing medical school enrollments, all very real concerns for the healthcare consumer.

With these thoughts and observations in mind, the meaning of my childhood declaration and drawing has changed.  At this stage of my journey, it has a deeper meaning and representation within my work. I recommit to my childhood declaration with my work at MD Coaches.  

Every day, my team of physician coaches and I strive to empower physicians to discover and actualize their vision of a fulfilling life. In doing so, I truly "help doctors help other people."  

Professional Achievements

Registered Nurse

Clinical Staff Nurse

Six Sigma Green Belt

Leadership Development Coach

Master’s in Business Administration

Founder and CEO, MD Coaches

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