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The Trailblazer: Diana Londoño, MD

Updated: Feb 6

Dr. Diana Londoño is a skilled surgeon who has specialized in Urology treating men and women. She is one of the 10% of urologists in the US who is a woman, and the 0.5% that are Latinx and a woman. She is trained in robotic-assisted, endoscopic and open surgical techniques.

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Dr. Londoño is originally from Mexico City, and she received all her education in the Los Angeles Area, going to Claremont McKenna College for her undergraduate studies, then attending UCLA for her medical school training. She finished a 6-year residency in Urology at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles.

While in Los Angeles and Miami, she has appeared in Univision, Telemundo, Mundo Fox, CNN Latino, KCET as a health consultant discussing various urological topics. She also enjoys writing about topics she feels passionate about which include topics such as consciousness, ego, humanity, hierarchy in medicine and advocacy. Her writings have been featured in outlets such as, Thrive Global, Doximity, Medscape, Physician Outlook Magazine and SoMeDocs (Doctors on Social Media).

She is on a path to live a more conscious life and is a Certified Life Coach. She is the founder of Physician Coach Support, a free and confidential platform in which volunteer physicians support other physicians.

She is the mother of two determined and joyful girls.

Dr. Londoño’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Listen to your intuition.

Number 2: Nothing good can come from a place of anger or fear.

Number 3: Love is the answer.

Number 4: Kids do not have a return policy. Be ready when it’s time to begin your family.

Number 5: Don’t do what you should. Do what feels right for you.

Connect with Dr. Londoño

Notable quotes from Dr. Londoño’s interview:

I see it all the time that conditions are not good… and nobody speaks up.
Learning to say no is very uncomfortable, especially for women.
We have not become good about prioritizing our self care.
I truly do know whom I am, so it doesn’t affect me the opinions they might have.

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