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The Egalitarian: Brad Johnson , Ph.D.

Updated: Feb 6

W. Brad Johnson is Professor of psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics and Law at the United States Naval Academy, and a Clinical Faculty Associate in the Graduate School of Education at Johns Hopkins University.

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A clinical psychologist and former officer in the Navy’s Medical Service Corps, Dr. Johnson served as a psychologist at Bethesda Naval Hospital and the Medical Clinic at Pearl Harbor where he was the division head for psychology. He is a recipient of the Johns Hopkins University Teaching Excellence Award, and has received distinguished mentor awards from the National Institutes of Health and the American Psychological Association. Dr. Johnson is the author of numerous publications including 14 books, in the areas of mentoring, cross-gender relationships at work, and counseling. His most recent books include: Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women, The Elements of Mentoring (3rd edition), On Being a Mentor (2nd edition), and his new book, Good Guys: How Men Can be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace. Dr. Johnson’s work has appeared in outlets such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and National Public Radio.

Dr. Johnson’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Embrace changes in career trajectory.

Number 2: Own your privilege.

Number 3: Establish an inner core of people, and establish a caring community.

Connect with Dr. Johnson

Notable quotes from Dr. Johnson’s interview:

We’re gonna break the system if we don’t fix it now.
We’ve somehow got to solve this perception that you can’t enjoy your career and have space for family.
If men are not engaging or sponsoring equally, then we’ll never get to real equity.

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