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Introducing: Life Changing Moments

Updated: Feb 5

Coming this week is a new entry in the MD Coaches family of shows – Life Changing Moments hosted by Dr. Dael Waxman.

In this companion podcast to Rx For Success, Dael and guests will do a “deep dive” into particular moments that impacted our guest’s lives, and set them on a new path.

This week, Dr. Cook and Dr. Waxman have a discussion about why the show came about, what to expect, and why it’s so important today.


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MD Coaches, LLC provides leadership and executive coaching for physicians by physicians to overcome burnout, transition throughout your career, develop as a leader or meet your individual goals. Remember, you are not in this alone. Reach out to us today! 


PHYSICIANS BY PHYSICIANS. It showcases unique physician talents, whether it be in the form of writing, painting, creating cookie masterpieces, or storming Capitol Hill in the name of healthcare advocacy. Use promo code RxforSuccess to get three months free when selecting the monthly option.  


Dr. Dael Waxman is a physician coach with MD Coaches, previously, he was a family practice physician.

The lives of physicians have many interesting and impactful decision points. In this companion podcast to Rx For Success Dael will examine those moments, and help you understand what went into those decisions so you too can harvest the most possible from your medical career.

Life Changing Moments will release right along side the Rx For Success show on Thursdays, or Wednesdays for our Patreon subscribers.

Thank you for your continued support of MD Coaches independent media.

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Access the Show Transcript Here

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